Sunday, January 31, 2010

alice on the brain

It seems I'm not the only one with the new Alice in Wonderland on my mind...

not to be a SATC fiend but, ummmm... hello, lover.

if you're really into makeup palettes, this might be for you... it's by Urban Decay

I think this is from a magazine shoot, but I can't remember... anyone know?

This one is my favorite... available here on Etsy. The little swallow detail has me sold. If I didn't already have a handful of lockets, I would purchase. Someone buy it so I can live through you on the internet.


Speaking of Etsy... long ago I started an Etsy shop to have an outlet for my crafting.  No real business in mind for it, I just really like to make jewelry but it turns out that between loving on my fam and my reading, crafting and blogging hobbies, I don't have much time to keep up an Etsy boutique.  Which means I have a lot of earrings and such lying around.  So be looking for an interactive giveaway in the coming week or so. 

Friday, January 29, 2010

all about bribery

Anticipatory Set: You can read all about the bribe here but to keep things concise on this end of the interwebs, the Toms I bought and received earlier this week were really all part of a big bribery scheme for my students.  We have this wonky scheduling problem that is "fixed" with an advisement period right after lunch.  It's not technically for a grade and while it should be a study hall or time to enrich mastered content... let's face it, if you had 25 minutes after lunch to "study" or "enhance" your knowledge, what would you spend it doing?  Probably not studying.  So, being the good teacher I am, I used the best tool in my belt... a good ole fashioned bribe.  Or I suppose you could just call it a deal but we didn't technically shake on it so bribe it is.

Long story short, they totally followed through and I was left with no choice but to follow through on me end as well.  So, I went to the Toms site during my lunch break and swiped my virtual card, feeling good about the extra pair for a child and the additional proceeds that would go to Haiti.  Of course, I wanted them to see the fruits of their efforts as soon as possible (strike while the iron's hot, you know) but... we can also face the fact that while Toms are definitely a worthy cause and even a little trendy, they're not the most work appropriate shoes I've ever slipped my feet in.  But it was magical and so worth it.  They were pretty stoked about it.  So, without further adieu... how I styled them...

(behind the scenes: taking off my outer layer - a kinda swingy snap-up cardigan - for the outfit snaps)

Objective(s) Addressed: Work; worthy cause; following through...

Materials and Sources:
  • Shoes: Toms 'Prima' shoe
  • Sweater: LOFT, remix'd
  • Bauble necklace: LOFT, remix'd
  • Cords: Gap, remix'd
  • Snap-up cardigan: Emmalee via Francesca's Collection
Input: As you can see, I didn't really "style" them at all.  I just played off of the colors in the fabric to make them stand out a little - I wanted my students to notice without me saying anything.  And they did!  Energetically!  Notice!  I wore the same bauble necklace with this top that I did in this outfit because the colors worked and I just really love that necklace a lot.  But other than that... a pair of navy (really, really dark navy) cords and fin!

I've gotten this question a few times since I followed through on my bribe, in the real world and the blogosphere: Are they comfortable?  And the answer is definitely a big, fat, crazy YES!  Wearing them is like you never had to step out of your slippers.  So soft and comfy.  And, actually, I think they're pretty dern cute.

Final Notes: Obviously, I can't bribe my students this way all the time but since they were excited about the cause and the fact that I would be spending money on their behalf, I couldn't resist.  Thank you, Toms, for creating a cause that even my crisis-oblivious, self-absorbed 15 year old students would perform 20 straight order of operations equations for. 

Do any of you own Toms?  How would you mix them into your wardrobe? 


((Edit:: Also, I need to thank Fashion Therapist and caffeinerd
for a super special Best Blog award... you ladies inspire me and light up my days with your sincere and lovely comments!  Post coming soon...))

Thursday, January 28, 2010

how would you wear it?

Anticipatory Set: Since one of the goals I set forth for this blog was to shop my closet more often, I plan on sharing some items that are more difficult to style.  I already shared two of these here.  (I've worn the plaid blouse but didn't take a full outfit photo... next time.  The cowl dress is still waiting... probably gonna be a V-Day challenge... or a work wear challenge next week.)  And I have a few that also have a rarely worn status so, if you don't mind, I'm going to ask for your suggestions again. 

Today's challenge for you: a gray v-neck sweater "dress" with bell-ish sleeves by BCBG MaxAzria. I bought this "dress" (you will see that this term is used loosely) early in my pregnancy when the air started to chill and I was sort of in that ambiguous stage of "Is she or isn't she?" showing.  In other words... I needed something to mask the fact that I'd put my six pack in the cooler for the next five months.  This sweater was on big time sale and I loved that it was not maternity so I could wear it post-baby when it was still cold and it would hopefully continue to camoflauge the leftover kanga pouch.  Well... now that I'm definitely not pregnant and haven't been pregnant for over a year, I need some help remixing this one... let's get a visual, shall we?

Cute, right?  Well... it can be.  It was cute when I was prego and I've seen other people wear similar things in very cute-ish ways.  My instinct is to belt it but so far none of my belts have really looked great with it.  I did recently acquire a super cheapie belt that might work but for the sake of a visual for you all, I just wore it with simple black pants and my 'Intyce' boots.  If the pants weren't baggy (yay, lost inches!) and stretched out from the day, this look might work.  I think it might just be a little sloppy since my pants are adding bulk to my legs.  Slouchy, I like.  Sloppy, not so much.  I did at least put some embellishment in the neckline with one of my favorite camis from LOFT and a patterned bow headband for my floppy hair.  Until this morning, I'd briefly forgotten about both of these things but they get some decent rotation in warmer months.  I also let the sweater bunch a little when I wear it with pants and have yet to wear it as a dress but I guess it could be okay with leggings.  Bare legs? Absolutely not.  It comes much shorter on me than on the model in the picture.

(G. is very into the pointing these days.)

(He's also very into The Cute.)

Objective(s) Addressed: Work wear (no meetings)

Materials and Sources:
  • Sweater dress: BCBGMAXAZRIA
  • Black pants: Target (about to say goodbye to them, woop!)
  • Boots: 'Intyce' boot by Steven by Steve Madden
  • Cami: LOFT (on huge clearance over the summer... I wanna say like $5?)
  • Headband: F21
YOUR Input: How would you style this?  Would you risk wearing it like a dress?  What do you think about wearing it like a blouse with a more form fitting skirt (assuming it wouldn't show the sweater if it bunched a little underneath)?

Tomorrow, I'll show you how I styled my Toms.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

beautiful bloggers make the world go 'round

So... WOW! is all I can say to accept two blog awards I received this week.  Remember when I told you guys that the blogging community, especially style blogging if you ask me, is a lot of fun?  Well, it's also one of the most encouraging communities, me thinks.  I've never seen so much constructive criticism or so many encouraging comments online before. 

First, my super darling friend, Summer (who is in blogging the novel-writing process over HERE
- so awesome!), gifted me with the Over the Top award.

The award came with some guidelines... like you get to watch me answer questions with only one word.  And then I get to pass it on to 5 other lovely bloggers of my choice!  Stay tuned...

Your Cell Phone? forgotten
Your Hair? desperate
Your Mother? whimsical
Your Father? layered
Your Favorite Food? edamame

Your Dream Last Night? Africa
Your Favorite Drink? chai lattes
Your Dream/Goal? mastery

What Room Are You In? dining
Your Hobby? crafts

Your Fear? Speidi

Where Do You See Yourself In Six Years? fulfilling
Where Were You Last Night? home
Something That You Aren't? finished
Muffins? pumpkinnnnnn
Wish List Item? marc
Where Did You Grow Up? ville
Last Thing You Did? kiss
What Are You Wearing? later
Your TV? bleh
Your Pets? dog
Friends? livers
Your Life? full

Your Mood? peacful
Missing Someone? friends 

Vehicle? fusion
Something You Aren't Wearing? socks

Your Favorite Store? anthropologie
Your Favorite Color? lavender
When Was The Last Time You Laughed? seconds
Last Time You Cried? weeks
Your Best Friend? lover
One Place You Go To Over And Over Again? kitchen
Facebook? daily
Favorite Place To Eat? cafe

Second, Lizzy Punch tagged me for the Beautiful Blogger award!  I've seen this one floating around a little bit here and there on some of my favorite blogs so I'm definitely a little giddy to receive this one, too.  Now YOU get to read seven random things about me that you may or may not already know.  I will limit, if not eliminate, explanations:

1. I don't have a sense of smell.
2. I have not-so-secretly always wanted to be a hair stylist.
3. I am happiest in the Spring/Summertime when I'm spending a lazy day with my little family.
4. Chai lattes are my lifeblood.
5. I am a Georgia girl by upbringing and an Auburn girl at heart. War Eagle!  (And married into a whole family of LSU tigers... hmmm, something is wrong about this picture.)
6. I am a Twi-fan.  Please, forgive me.
7. Style-related... I am a shoe and handbag gal all the way.  But my number one choice of "shoe" in high school was the mocha corduroy Birkenstock.  Bringin' it back, ohhhhhhh snap.

And there ya go! NOW the fun part...

First, I will nominate some Beautiful Bloggers.  Three of my in-real-life friends and lovely style bloggers that I want to recognize:

  • Viktoria @ Viktoria with a K.  It's been a long, LONG time since we were united in real life but I love seeing her style posts because, even through a recent dark time, she is such a sunny online influence. 
  • Shannon and Melanie @ Thrifty Threads.  They are part of a collaborative style blog and post on all kinds of style topics, always with a "thrifty" twist.  Shannon also does a little personal style blogging over at Today's Resolutions
  • And Summer, who nominated me for the Over the Top award.  Her blog fascinates me as I know slim to nothing about the process of writing a novel.  Her patience AMAZES me!  And she is one of my favorite people to hang out and be goofy with. 
Second... back to the Over the Top award.  I am supposed to nominate/tag five people for this award so here goes:

  • Krista @ Unveiled.  One of my good in-real-life friends, Krista really does go Over the Top with her blog, Unveiled.  I love reading her take on matrimonial (is that a word?) style on Wedding Wednesdays and many other lifestyle topics.  Also, like me, she recently started a weekly style series - Fashion Fridays.  Very often, I find myself at the end of her posts either laughing, thinking hard or just thinking, "Well said."  She finds so many ways to say things that I've yet to put words to.  She was recently married in July of '09 so to read some of her thoughtful and funny takes on getting married, go to her archive.
  • JoAnn @ Sidewalk Chalk.  Another in-real-life blogger.  Though we don't know each other well, we went to school together and share several mutual friends.  JoAnn is another Over the Top blogger - she always throws a little something extra into her outfits and into the background she gives.  I love that she infuses her outfits with pieces that are modern, traditional and sentimental at the same time.
  • What Would Emma Pillsbury Wear?  I've mentioned this blog before on Athenista and I really am amazed at how Over the Top she and her readers go to have fun with Emma's looks from Glee and on the red carpet.  Such a fun read with great tv/runway-to-realway translations.  Love it!
  • Tieka @ Selective Potential.  One of my favorite personal style blogs.  Her posts are sometimes silly, sometimes insightful but never short of thoughtfulness.  She really shares her life with her readers and makes style fun.  I would take most of her outfits exactly as she styled them, her looks are so fun!  Something I can definitely appreciate.  Plus... you KNOW she is Over the Top when you see her in daily snaps outside... on an iced over bridge in the middle of Michigan's crazy cold winter!  Or out it in the snow in just a cardigan... now, that is Over the Top!
  • What Would a Nerd Wear.  Love her easy, approachable take on daily outfits.  And she's another brave soul with her outdoor daily photos in the snow and ice.    
  • Also, a sixth honorary award goes to caffeinerd.  I am loving her posts and her approachable online personality.  She is such a loyal commenter and encourager and I've noted before on her blog that I love that she still smiles at least a little for the camera in her snaps!  A very positive read.  Plus, she's got me sold on doing a blue-yellow color palette sometime soon.

There are so many more that I would nominate.  Maybe I will just have to come up with my own little Athenista award to bestow upon my readers, bwaha. Thank you, lovely ladies who nominated me.  It was fun but I think it was even more fun to nominate new people because I can't wait to see what they share and who they nominate in return!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

hello, high heels, so nice to meet you

Anticipatory Set: Bad nights of sleep rank right on down there with ingrown toenails and hand dryers in public restrooms.  But today I remixed my beautimous Yumi Kim blouse and my first pair of high heels (or at least the first pair I remember) so life was good. 


Objective(s) Addressed: Workin' hard for the pocket change

Materials and Sources:
  • Blouse: Yumi Kim, remix'd
  • Pants: Larry Levine (gift from Mom), remix'd
  • Shoes: VS (via Nordstrom way back in the day)
  • Headband: Target (!)
  • Cutest toddler ever: Hebert Collection, c. Spring 2008, remix'd
Input: Okay... these shoes were the first pair of "high heels" that I owned.  Or they are at least the first pair of high heels that I remember owning.  And I'm pretty convinced that they're the reason I even started getting into clothing and outfit choices in the first place.  Not that they're all that but I do have a special place in my heart for them.  Recently, I almost gave them away but kept them for their sentimental value.  Today, I decided I might still need to give them away... they rubbed the balls of my feet in a blister-like fashion and I just can't have that.  Sentimental value or not.  Good thing my Toms arrived and I'll be (somehow) working them into an outfit tomorrow... more on that in the next couple of days.

My pants were a little saggy by the time I got home and popped G. on my hip so you don't get their full high-waistedness but I still love them even though I get the feeling they must be an older more ladylike brand.  Anyone know?  Sturdy fabric with just a wee bit of stretch.  Still loving my new Yumi Kim blouse.  I've been dying to wear it again since G.'s birthday party but I resisted until this morning.  I wish the photos did it justice. And I am definitely loving the headband... I picked this up back in October at Target after I'd spent a weekend in Charlotte with my best friend lusting after lovely rosette headbands in Anthropologie.  I settled on this for a fraction of the price and it might just be my most complimented headwear.

Final Notes: I was a happy clam in this outfit.  And like I said above... my Toms finally arrived today... how would you work these into a work outfit?  (It can be casualish and I promise there is a reason... bear with me.)

Monday, January 25, 2010

daytime wedding

Anticipatory Set: This weekend was pretty fantastical.  And by that I mean I slept no less than twelve hours on Friday annnnd Saturday night.  After two weeks of less than ideal sleep that's a step up, I say!  Paul started his new job as a paramedic last week and had his first actual work shift on Sunday so the only real plans we had were to go to my cousin's wedding on Saturday.  The weather was a little chilly and I wanted to wear my black knit dress with half sleeves so I could just use a cardigan to layer (I hate bringing bulky layers in and out of the car if I don't have to).  Since it was a daytime wedding I kept it casual with my Steven 'Intyce' boots, a scarf and a cardigan (not shown).  I also knew I'd be chasing G. around with all of the other toddlers there so I needed to be comfortable.  Pretty simple.

EDIT :: detail pictures ::

Objective(s) Addressed: Casual, daytime wedding; Time with family; Toddler-chasing

Materials and Sources:
  • Dress: Velvet Torch (via Nordstrom)
  • Tights: Target
  • Boots: Steven by Steve Madden 'Intyce' boot in cognac
  • Scarf: Target
  • Bag: Cole Haan (gift from Mom)
  • Gray ruffle cardigan (now shown)
Input: Usually, I dress up a bit more for weddings but I knew this was a little more casual so I just kept it comfortable and toddler-friendly.  The gray ruffle cardigan pulled it together a little bit more for the ceremony but I took it off pretty quickly for the whole hugging-congratulations-"over-here-no-wait-please-don't-break-the-ceramics" thing.  This scarf is one of my favorites - just a teeny bit of sparkle, it goes with lots and lots of my wardrobe and it's warm!  AND I love black and brown together, especially a good cognac brown, so this was a feel-good look for me. :)  How do you guys feel about black and brown?

Sunday, January 24, 2010

carrera panamerika: alicia keys

Anticipatory Set: When I changed the focus of this blog I did not anticipate the opportunities for sponsorships or campaigns.  (In other words... receiving offers for compensation in exchange for review their brand or campaign.)  Over the past week, I've received two of these... or at least two that are actually serious about wanting a review and not a straight-up plug.  Reviews, I will do.  Blind and shameless plugs simply for compensation, I will not.  Sure, times are tough but not that tough in my opinion.  And now that P. and I are both gainfully employed full-time I am definitely not in a position to bargain honesty for pocket change.

One campaign for Carrera Panamerika sunglasses actually did catch my eye and after a wee bit of research and thought, earned my trust as well.  I'm sure this is at least due in part to the fact that it mentioned something about Alicia Keys and, seriously, how do you get her voice out of your head?  ("I'm trying to work here, thanks!")  I think her "I Ain't Got You" was the first R&B single that I really loved... and that's saying a lot because R&B just gets so darn repetitive for me so to actually love it is huge.

Objective(s) Addressed: Adapting an item I would normally never pick up into my Mom Uniform rotation (Skip below to see how I would wear it); Style inspiration

Materials and Sources:
  • Carrera Panamerika 1 sunglasses (shown in the Alicia Keys "Try Sleeping with a Broken Heart video and in the new Britney Spears "3")
  • Polyvore

Input: Here's where this campaign got tricky (and fun) for me.  I almost turned it down because, as you guys would probably be able to guess by now from the past week or two of outfit posts, I would normally never consider a pair of Carrera shades in my own personal wardrobe.  But since I am a big Alicia Keys fan (which also doesn't quite go with my Twi-fan/toddler-chasing 'image'), and a child of the 80's, I couldn't turn it down.  All of the Carrera sunglasses I've seen have a kind of 80's vibe to them that I actually like but that I know would never look good on me worn as Keys does and as they were worn two decades ago.  Let me show you how she wears them in her video:

And with a little Polyvore magic, I came up with a way to incorporate them that works with MY style:

To counter the 80's vibe, I paired them with details that were either pretty feminine or slouchy with just a hint of tough.  I played off of Alicia with the knit motorcycle jacket and the studs on the boots.  But to keep it in my comfort zone I wanted a color combo that I love (dusty pink + gray) and ruffles to peek out of the jacket.  The earrings were just for fun - I love me some Marc by Marc Jacobs and they're not a fussy accessory that would compete with everything else I threw in there.  I was surprised by how much I really loved this combination - those BOOTS!  And I actually really love the way the shades look on the model.  Definitely up my alley now.  And apparently Britney's alley, too - she wears a pair of Carreras in her new video for "3" (which I love... I know as a mom I should hate Britney's songs and videos but... I just can't help it.  I'm still a sixth grade when it comes to my MTV preferences.  It's a guilty pleasure that I just can't shake.  Sue me.)

Final Notes:  I don't even need to say that Alicia Keys has balls when it comes to her style.  She wears things I would never, ever in a million years consider wearing on my own figure.  And even when it might not be the best choice for her... she rocks it with confidence.  I love that.  That's the kind of attitude I want to have in my own style choices but that I often don't because I have weird body confidence issues (How old am I? Ugh.).  So if I learned anything watching the Behind the Scenes video for this campaign... it's that style is all about your attitude.  How many times do we hear this and never get it?  Geeeeezz.

How do you lovely gals adapt a different style to your own wardrobe?  How would you style these shades?

Thursday, January 21, 2010

picking favorites

Anybody wrapped up in Project Runway yet?  I so badly want to stay up and watch tonight's episode but this short week of work has taken its toll on my sleep... might not make it tonight.  But I do already have a favorite (strictly based on looking through profiles and videos/casting calls on the site): Anna Lynett.  I am looooooving her stuff right now (or at least what we can see of it on her profile and in the videos).  Very functional and uniform-inspired.  Simple and I like that, too. 

Do you guys already have a favorite?

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

roll it up

Anticipatory Set: Welp.  G. just left to to stay at Glamma's until tomorrow.  P.'s asleep.  My work for tomorrow is finished.  I just finished watching American Idol.  And my photos from the past couple of days are uploaded... I s'pose I'll do another quickie before I cash in myself.  Yesterday and today I woke up late and, knowing that the weather would be a preview of Spring, threw on something light and easy (and very unplanned, as you will definitely see).

Objective(s) Addressed: Work; last-minute dressing/missed alarm clocks

Input: On Monday, I had a last minute girlie girl lunch/shopping date with my elementary school BFF.  With an Ann Taylor merchandise credit I headed to LOFT and picked up a couple of fun things that I can wear now with some layering magic but that will be light enough for Spring and, eventually, Summer.  (Speaking of Summer... I saw her!  In the dressing room at LOFT!  So fun.  I miss her and our goofy talks at work in the ol' Borders cafe.) Yesterday and today's 'outfits' (I'm using the term loosely this week) incorporate two of the items I got with the credit.

Yesterday's mash of clothing included a tie tunic (what else do you call that?... can't find it online), navy pants and ruffled metallic flats.  Fin.  Simple. I had to use the tripod yesterday and the neighbors were out so I just did a quick snap and ducked back inside.  Hence my headless, legless physique.  When it comes to guts taking snaps, I am definitely no Orchid Grey.   I love that this top is light on its own but the sleeves can roll down and the detail around the buttons is pretty fun.

tunic by LOFT

blouse detail

metallic ruffle flats by me too

Today, I at least had an idea in mind when I got dressed.  A few weeks (months?) ago, I came across this photo:

on camp comfort and had to save it to my inspiration folder.   Lately, I've had a thing for chambray button-ups.  Which is weird because I've never really like chambray and I own maybe two other button-ups in my entire sardine-packed closet.  But doesn't she just look fresh and effortless?  And ever since I've been seeing chambray everywhere.  I love it.  So comfy and laid back.  I also apparently love a good rolled sleeve since I wore the rolled sleeve tunic yesterday and these sleeves roll down to full-length and don't even feel thick when rolled all the way.  Score.

I think I can style this up a little more professionally but also throw it in with my mom uniform rotation.  I like the shoulder detail of the LOFT top a lot.  And since I don't have a lengthy wood bead necklace, I went for a glass bead necklace I bought during my sophomore year at Auburn.  This was also paired with (a different pair of) navy pants but with different flats (no pic, whoops).

Both of these LOFT tops should take me from now (when it gets colder, with layers) through the summer (stripped down with bermuda shorts?  or a short cargo-esque skirt?  daisy dukes?  just checkin'). 

Final Notes: Here's to a good night of sleep and a (more) fun outfit in the morning!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

quick & dirty

It's a busy week at work for me.  Today was pretty casual but I have IEP meetings (intense Special Ed parent conferences for those not in the SpEd lingo...) over the next two days.  I have a topic in mind to talk about over here tomorrow... kinda heavy.  But since this blog is for fun and pretty things let's just keep it light on this little corner, shall we?  So I'll just do a quick & dirty outfit post from Sunday...

Meet my Mom Uniform!  Weekends, especially days spent inside, call for the uniform.  A no-brains-necessary combo for days spent lounging with the family or casually browsing books chasing a toddler.  I don't feel quite right spending the whole day sans makeup and in sweatpants.  That's why I stick to a uniform so I can always fall back on something if I'm rushed or just need a waistband that doesn't give.  It's pretty simple as most of my outfits are but more predictable. Here are the essentials:

jeans + soft tee + scarf/fun accessory + flats

and if I need to add a layer...

Objective(s) Addressed: Comfort; Mom duty; generally maxin' and relaxin'

Input: The only thing specific to this version of my uniform that I don't love is the bulk the sleeves create under the cardigan.  I love those puff sleeve tees because, even though they could be more flattering, they're comfy and the puff sleeves are just kinda presh.  Other than the bulk, they are a serious workhorse for layering too.  And you can definitely find ways to tuck them or layer them for work wear which is always a bonus.  I think I have it in three colors... maybe the only thing I've done that with.  No doubt because I got two of them for $5 total. 

Do you ladies (mamas or not) have a uniform?  What do you fall back on for the weekend to stay comfy or when you're rushing out the door?

Saturday, January 16, 2010


Anticipatory Set: Today was G.'s very first birthday party!  What a fun time!  We have some of the very best family and friends that support us and our little nugget.  I'll blog about it over here by the end of the weekend once I pick my favorite pictures out of the 100+ I took of the cake 'experience.'  Great times.  In the meantime... what I wore.  (Photo quality is not great... we took these after the loooong party and drive home and sans any form of natural light but you get the point.)

Objective(s) Addressed: G.'s birthday party!  Mom duty.  Celebrating 5 pound loss!

Materials and Sources:
  • Blouse: Yumi Kim (via Nordstrom... clearance! with gift cards!)
  • Sweetheart Skinny Jeans: Old Navy
  • Cami: Old Navy
  • Purple rosebud Flats: Ruby & Bloom (gift from Mom)
  • Sweater: Ann Taylor (gift from Mom)
  • Earrings: Betsey Johnson (from last post)
  • Bracelets: made by me
Input: Today was the first time I've chosen to wear skinny jeans without boots to tuck them into.  Just plain ole skinnies with flats.  (This is largely due to my 'weigh-in' this morning that marked my first five pound loss!  Five pounds is not a lot in terms of how I look or how my clothes fit but the process of shedding those five pounds has been a big difference in how I feel - more energy!  Plus, these first two weeks of changing the way I look at my health and food choices has been difficult but to actually lose weight on top of it was a huge bonus!  Gives me the motivation I need to lose the next five and feel even better physically and mentally.)  So I wore simple skinnies to celebrate.  I need to get a good picture of the wash of these jeans -- I bought them way back in August or September and haven't been able to find a similar wash ever since.

Should've gotten a close-up shot of the blouse print.  Next time.  The print has bits of purple and a creamy/beigy/pinkish-yellow.  I would love to say that I chose the flats based on how they accent the purple hue or how the rosebuds compliment the floral quality of the print buuuuuut... Nope.  They are just comfortable.  Really comfortable.  Which is important when reporting for Mom Duty.  I wish I'd buttoned the sweater and had natural sunlight for the picture with the sweater... I love this sweater but rarely wear it.  Definitely one of my remix missions.  The color is a dusty pastel pink and it's light without sacrificing warmth or style. 

Final Notes: Overall, this was a great outfit for the occasion and the 'job description.'  I was relaxed and comfy cozy without feeling frumpy or too slouchy.  Since we were indoors with lots of people in the same couple of rooms I was a little worried about the silk of the blouse but I was comfortable the entire time.  I think the silk actually worked for me rather than against me.  I just let P. handle the post-smash-cake cleanup.  ;)  I see this blouse getting a lot of rotation in the remix pool - so many ways to style it up!

Friday, January 15, 2010


Anticipatory Set: Gonna be upfront with you about this outfit post... it's a little blase.  I've been pretty nonchalant about my work wardrobe this week, opting for warmth and comfort over style and professionalism.  I worked extra hard with my students and on caseload duties so that counts for something, right?  (Please, just nod and say yes.)  From going through posts in my Reader tonight, it seems a lot of people are going through the winter blues with work and assembling new outfits.  But!  It's a chronicle of my daily style and, like I've said before, sometimes "blah" just is the daily style.  You just do the best you can some days.  My main goal this week was to put in the effort to dry my hair and brush on mascara each morning so I would at least feel like a real person.  If I have a bare necessity for my wardrobe it actually has nothing to do with my closet... if we're talking Look Good, Feel Good mantra I at least need a little makeup and a blow dryer.  I could really even skip the blow dryer.  But without mascara and a little something for my cheeks and lips, I feel naked.  What's your bare necessity?
Monday I managed a skirt until I got home and then raced upstairs to throw on my comfy jeans and a super slouchy cardigan, so no dice on the photos.  The rest of the week was basically just a different version of the same thing... pants, cardigan, etc. and then at least one accessory that I really love to keep it fun on my end.  

Objective(s) Addressed: Bare necessities; Comfort; Working for the weekend

(totally awk. poses, sorry... not sure I'll ever master that)

Materials and Sources:
  • Outfit #1
    • White ruffle button-up: Old Navy
    • Cardigan: Gap
    • Navy corduroys: Gap
    • Ankle boots: Steve Madden
    • Necklace: Target
    • Earrings: World Market
    • Watch: PolarUSA


Can't go wrong with a sweet little bow and a fun, sturdy bangle :)

Hidden details on the pants... I'd planned on styling them up with the super high waist... next time!

  • Outfit #2
    • Striped top: F21
    • Cardigan: frenchi (via Nordstrom)
    • Pants: (gift from my Mom... gotta check on the brand. Might be my fav, but you can't tell their awesome factor from these pictures.  Whoops!)
    • Shoes: Michael by Michael Kors (another Mom gift)
    • Bangle: World Market
    • Wrap/scarf: World Market, I think... could be wrong, can't remember
    • Earrings: Betsey Johnson (via Nordstrom)
    • Watch: PolarUSA

    Final Notes: Weather's getting warmer here, at least for a few days, and tomorrow is G.'s first birthday party so maybe I'll muster some inspiration for the weekend.  The sale finds I picked up at Nordstrom with the three gift cards I've been hoarding should help, eh?

    What do you guys do to cure the 'blahs?'
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