Sunday, September 27, 2009

what i'm (not) looking for

With the (very slow and "methodical") start of this blog, a lot of questions have come in about where we're headed... what exactly is Athenista looking for? Honestly? There a hundred ways to define what "we" (me and, assuming, my audience... I guess that's something to be decided, eh?) are looking for. So to keep it simple, and for humor's sake, let's look at some things we aren't looking for.

Over the weekend, I found an article poking fun at the very popular Sartorialist. Obviously, I love what the Sartorialist does for fashion. But, I must admit, I don't frequent the blog very often and there are probably a few not-so-solid reasons for that which I won't go in to. Suffice to say that you need not go through a mental flowchart of what to or what not to wear for "the Athenista" to catch you/photograph you/blog you in your natural habitat.

Like I said, I love what they do (high-fashion street style blogs are easily my guiltiest pleasure) but we're looking for something a little more... Athens, if you will.

If you're not familiar with Athens, let me just tell you that Athens is a college town. A big, Southern, student-saturated college town. And while the sorority-style stereotype is certainly pervasive in the local fashion scene (and you will encounter it in one way or another in future street style posts, rest assured), I can firmly guarantee the absence of any ensemble that contains most or all of the following: Uggs, Soffee shorts (with leggings! or, worst of all, pantyhose!) and a pastel North Face fleece. Nothin' wrong at all with these things in their own right but put-together... it's just not quite what we're looking for.

But, it also needs to be said that BECAUSE Athens is a college town, we have a lot of style variety here when it comes to fashion. And decor. And business. And how we live our lives. So, simply put: we're looking for everything in the middle. From just-shy-of-the-Sartorialist to Greek Row, we want to see it! All styles and trends -- layered, basic, cozy and sleek... we want to watch you all run the gamut.

Stay tuned this week as we grab a "cuffin" and visit with one of our favorite local cafe & bakeries, Ike & Jane, and post our first edition of Athenista street style!

Keep the questions and submissions coming to

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Welcome to Athenista Style! Created to showcase the spectrum of style and happenings here in the Classic City -- Athens, GA. We focus on fashion and street style and would love to hear from you all you loverly and local Athens fashionistas -- Athenistas!

If you are interested in contributing photos, articles or random bits of Athens goodness, email for more information.
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