Thursday, March 4, 2010

longing... DEMANDING!

I am past the point of longing for Spring, begging for it to grace me with its sunny skies and warm-but-not-sweaty temperatures... no, I am demanding that it come now.  And because I demand with so much purpose and authority, tells me it will be in the 60's almost every day next week.  Finally, Mother Nature is getting the hint from all of the bright, Spring colors and patterns in the blog world.  Hellllooooooo, cobalt, I love you. 

Until next week, though, I will still be sporting some scarves and sweaters to keep the chill away.  Yesterday, I wore some of my favorite items of clothing... a lace blouse, a cobalt cardigan and a colorful winter scarf.  I was planning on wearing my wool dress pants with this outfit buuuut... you can see that disaster here.

My students thought this outfit was a little too much color... apparently they did not see me on Monday then, right?  Wtf, kids.

When you look at this next photo you maybe thinking, "Hmmm... that sure does look like someone's molar."  And if that's what you are thinking, you are right.  Someone's molar.  IN OUR DRIVEWAY.  Someone... anyone... please explain.

Other random things to chew on that you will no longer be able to focus on now that you've seen the molar lurking in my driveway-now-yard:

1. Thinking I might just go ahead and combine this with my personal blog.  Not sure if this is a good idea.  I kind of like them separate.  But kind of not.  Weigh in on this?

2. My 10K 'training' is coming along pretty well.  Yesterday I logged 4 miles at inclines of 1-3%.  Kept up a decent 10 minute mile but man I struggle so much on those inclines at 2+%, y'all!  Heart a'poundin!  Love those interval workouts Elena posted a week or two ago.  Intervals are tough stuff but I LOVE THEM!  My muscles start bulging and all the dudes look scurred.  I'm a beast.  Clearly.

3. The blog envy talk... where do you stand on it?  Jenloveskev weighed in on it today if you're not sure what I'm talking about.  Honestly, can't say that I've felt it.  Maybe I just don't have the stats or the numbers that other bloggers do to spur the jealousy?  I'm just in it for the fun right now.  Kinda scares me to think, though, that if the stats rose the stress would rise with it... what do you think?


kjlangford said...

definitely have felt it, just because I feel like I have a very small audience, and I would like to have more readers, but at the same time I don't know that I'm ready to do the things you need to do to grow your audience- yet anyway. It's like producing 5day a week material is enough stress, I'm not ready to add stress to truly join in what you have to do to have hundreds of readers daily.
So I feel it, but then I usually just think to myself "you're doing what you want, you're not ready to start to market more than just that." So I can't really see myself in competition with some of the "bigger bloggers" because I'm not putting the time and effort that they have... yet :)

And I hope that when I start to put more in it, that I look to those "bigger" than me as inspiration, not competition.

Anonymous said...

I don't think I've really felt the envy. Seeing how many Google Reader subscribers some of blogs I love to read stops me in my tracks for a minute/makes me wonder whether I should do things differently...but I'm happy to just let things go where they will. At the end of the day the blog is for me (and hopefully for any awesome readers who come along/stick around!). I think it rocks when people can use blogging as a career/money-maker...but let's face it...I'm finally getting my Master's in a wholly unrelated field. That's where a lot of my time needs to go! I also agree with the comment above---I love "bigger" blogs for the inspiration. Certainly don't resent them in any way.

I feel and love that the style blogging community is really very positive as a whole.

P.S I love your shoes in both of your posts today!!

Anonymous said...

P.P.S. Yay for 4 miles!! You're rockin' it. Keeping it on 2% is definitely rough...I usually do the first mile on 2...then 1...then .5% haha.

Liz said...

That is so weird about that tooth, really really weird! I'd love if you combined your blog, I actually didn't even know you had another one!
Oh and I kind of got envious at other bloggers when I started, but now I realize that it's more important to have a handful of people I actually communicate with, than to have a million followers. I have to remind myself that my blog is for me! Not for popularity or money.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I'm officially weirded out by that tooth. Let's just hope it bounced out of some kid's pocket on their way to show-and-tell, huh?

As far as the blog envy goes, I'm in full agreement with some of the other commenters here. Perhaps we represent a cohort of bloggers with different reasons for blogging - a welcome creative outlet, some community, and fun. I'm fairly certain that some of the larger blogs began this way as well, but for the time being, I'm extremely satisfied with how things stand. I do read them and am really inspired by their work, but I'm not in competition with anyone. I'm here for the happy :o)

prashant said...

I hope that when I start to put more in it, that I look to those "bigger" than me as inspiration, not competition.
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