Thursday, March 4, 2010


This is one of those weeks (maybe months??) where comfort is king.  Blogging does motivate me to be more creative with my wardrobe and appreciate what I have but lawdy if this weather isn't the pits.  Totally makes me want to ignore my closet (and showering) altogther and curl up on the couch with a hot chai latte and a sweater blanket.  Lucky for you guys (or maybe just my coworkers), I have been pulling clothes out of my closet to be, at the very least, publicly and socially acceptable.  Never did plan my outfits this week like I said I would.  But I do have a plan for tomorrow: jeans.  It's Friday (haalllllllelujah!).  Which means some version of school spirit and my renewed will to live for the weekend.

Annnnnyyywayyyy... enough about how much I am hating getting dressed in the morning and on to what I loved wearing today (yes, comfort is still tops):

One of my favorite tops (floral! ruffles! polka dots! Spring!) and my current favorite sweater.

The sweater is perfection because I don't even need a scarf because it has an extra large collar that becomes cowl/turtle neck when zipped to the very tippy top:

Srsly, Sam Edelman makes the bestbestBEST dressy and dressyish flats.  Could wear them every day.  In fact, I did wear these almost every single day through my last month of pregnancy if that tells you anything at all.  The only other shoes I would willingly put on were my $5 moccasin-slipper things from Target.

My main accessory of the day... drumrollllll....

The "Shannon" ring from Daughters Vintage!  More on that coming eventually... but isn't it lovely?!

Materials and Sources:
  • Floral blouse: Target
  • Sweater: Caslon via Nordstrom (Christmas gift)
  • Pants: Larry Levine
  • Shoes: Sam Edelman (2008 Christmas gift)
  • Earrings: Charlotte Russe
  • Vintage button ring: Daughters Vintage (Etsy boutique)
(Another new post below...)


    Anonymous said...

    I love these earrings! Since I've already left multiple disorganized comments on your post below, just wanted to say I'd love to see your style/personal blogs combine. :) That's something I'm still struggling blog used to be all personal with random items of clothing I loved thrown in...and now it's kind of a smashup of everything. The style posts get a lot more views, but as I noted in the comments below...while I'd love for readers to enjoy the content (of course!), I'd be sad if I stopped documenting my personal life in some way, too. So...for now the combo continues!

    augustalolita said...

    lovely outfit!! i love the print on the top & the color of the whole outfit!! oh i love a god chai tea as well-yumm!!

    Style Artisan said...

    Your top is a pretty reminder of spring!

    I was in Athens over the weekend. I love Athens! I hung out with my daughter, pigged out at Carrabba's and Barberito's, and made my financial contribution to Goodwill. A fun time!

    prashant said...

    I noted in the comments below...while I'd love for readers to enjoy the content
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